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A little about our mission...

We at the You Matter! box wish to create a community of empowered young people; a community of people who are encouraged and inspired to live life to the fullest. There are so many hurting young people who are struggling to just find their place. The You Matter! box is something to remind them that they have a place, that they are important, they are loved, and they matter. We are on a mission of change to rewire young brains toward positivity through our activities.  The items in the box complement the therapeutic activities.

If you would like us to bring the You Matter! Campaign to your school, email us at info@youmatterbox.org.  We can speak on bullying, self-esteem, body image, or a subject tailored to the need of your school.

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I’m not sure who these emails go to, but, I just wanted the people involved in this campaign to know that they’re helping.
I’m 18 years old, and I’ve been struggling with mental health issues for many years now.
Things lately haven’t been great, and I seriously was considering ending my life. The thoughts still haven’t gone away, but the urgency to do it has subsided.
I came home from work, I felt awful, and I just wanted today to be my last.
But I walked in the house and my mom yells from the office that there’s something on the table for me.
She didn’t tell me she was doing this, so I was pretty surprised. I hadn’t even opened the box yet and already I was feeling so many emotions. As I went through the box I just started crying. I had been feeling so extremely low. And I was faced with so many positive and uplifting things.
I just thought you all should know that you are doing something so great. And I’m so thankful for it.
It honestly helped me so much.
I’m still struggling.
But I’ve been able to hold on a bit longer.
So thank you. 

- Taylor age 18

Makes you feel special

June 30, 2020
Wendy W.

This is such a fun box to get in the mail. It's full of fun things that make me feel special. I get so excited when I get the email that it's been mailed and can't wait until it arrives. This last month (June) was wonderful, I love all the things in the box and can't wait until the next one arrives.


June 29,2020
Juliana J.

Super cute box! I loved how every item in the box is super useful!

Love ❤

Mar 24, 2020
Cheryl M.

Love this box! I was very happy as was my 10 yr old daughter who this was for.


Mar 25, 2019
Kyna S.

I'd  give this a five star rating if one of the items in the box hadn't been  missing. My son compulsively looked for the dolphin that was listed as  an included item on the card. If possible we would love to receive that  item so I can come back and update  the review! The package was truly a  pleasant surprise to my son. It's hard to gauge him sometimes but  although his reaction (or lack thereof) was not what I expected it to be  I still think it did him some good hear that myself as well as others  thought that he was amazing. He is encouraged daily but I think a  different form of encouragement and acknowledgement can do great things!
******5  STAR UPDATE!!!!! After reading my posted review, a representative  reached out to me, apologized for the missing item, and offered to have  it shipped to us free of charge. I believe  we received it  within that  same week. I know it's being used because I find it in the dryer at  least once a week. Thanks again!!!

Bought This for My teenage Daughter

Feb 09, 2019
April B.

I  bought this subscription for my daughter who has daily struggles with  anxiety and self love. Getting these packages in the mail each month  really lights her back up and puts a smile on her face. even though the  contents aren't big extravagant items she loves each one as if they were  because the content truly are a priceless gift to remind my daughter  that she is loved and she is important. Thank you.

Wonderful idea! 

Sep 04, 2018
Kristina K.

I  get the envelope subscription. It is a nice, affordable way to support  someone who needs to know that they are special. I have been very  pleased with the contents and the reminders for taking positive steps  towards a positive life.

Great box for anyone!

Dec 06, 2018
Sharon D.

My  17 yr old daughter was going through a difficult time when I came  across the You Matter box.  I thought it would be perfect for her.  I  was right!  It helped give her the messages that she needed to hear -  SHE matters, she is important, she is loved.  She loved everything in  the box and it was all good quality.  Her favorite were the hand written  personal notes - on a card and on a chalkboard.  That was a wonderful  touch that made her feel extra special.  This box is great for all ages  and really gives the message that, yes, YOU matter!  We will order again  and recommend it to anyone!  Thank you for having a box with such a  positive message.


Dec 03, 2018
Yvette A.

I  purchased the pack for my niece, who is having a tuff time starting  high school.  So far the pack has had items that she loves and uses. She  always has a smile on her face when it arrives, even before she opens  it.

Great concept!

Nov 27, 2018
Julie F.

My  9 year old daughter has been receiving You Matter boxes for several  months. She likes some boxes better than others, but every box gives us  the opportunity to discuss self care. We enjoy taking time together to  discuss the activities & items. It’s a hit for us.

Great box

Aug 21, 2018
Shannon M.

I  got this box for my daughter and she loved it. I didn't get to see much  of it she was in a hurry to dig in but I bought this box as a gift and  when you do that it asks you if you want to leave a message for that  person, so I filled it out but when I seen that it was a card  handwritten it just melted my heart absolutely made this box to me worth  every penny. I will definitely be keeping this box as long as she wants  it. Thank you!