You Matter! Box

Developed by a school counselor to uplift the struggling young person in your life. They will love receiving a monthly box of encouragement!

Introducing the You Matter! Box

A Box curated by a school counselor filled with tools to boost self-confidence and encourage young people.

The You Matter! box was developed by Dr. Shannon Curtis, a practicing school counselor.  After many meetings with students, it was found that many of them are feeling alone, depressed, suicidal, and invoking self-harm. Each box includes items and/or activities to promote a positive self-image and to rewire the brain for positive thinking. This box is filled with encouraging, uplifting items to show them that they are loved, they are important, and they matter!   Recommended for ages 10 - 22, but can be useful for any age.

If you'd like us to bring the You Matter! Campaign to your school, we can speak on bullying, self-esteem, body image, or tailor a program to fit the needs of your school.  For more information, send us an email at

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Sign up.

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Step 3

Receive a package!

3 options:

The You Matter! card, the You Matter! pack, and the You Matter! box.

The You Matter! card includes an encouraging card sent monthly to someone struggling.  The You Matter! pack includes a therapeutic activity plus 1-4 items sent monthly. The You Matter! box includes a therapeutic activity plus 4-7 items sent monthly.